About Us

Exaire is a young brand which provides customers with a wide range of  Quality T-shirts, Crop Tops and Mobile Phone Covers.

Exaire offers the One of its kind in the market, A Premium T-Shirt Section for men,  at affordable prices without negotiating on the quality. Premium Fit Section is launched with the sole idea to provide the best fit of a T-Shirt with elegant designs to it's customer.

Exaire's Premium Fit is surely gonna make men feel all confident about their looks when they head their way out to a Club, Get Together or even College.  

Exaire's inhouse fashion designers and experts keep up with the ongoing trends in the market and provides T-Shirts, Crop tops and Mobile Phone Covers with designs that are hard to resist.

Exaire's offerings are aimed not only for the youngsters but also for the young hearted. 

EXAIRE ™ is a registered clothing brand and a subsidiary of Winsome Craft,