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Your Ultimate Guide on : How to Wear a White Crop Top?

They say, ‘when in doubt, go white...’ And what better than a classic white crop top which can conveniently camouflage your fashion style: funky, classy, sassy...whoever you are, whatever you want to be 😉


Register these 8 looks and you will never go wrong:


  1. The College Look    
Your white crop top looks good with a pair of high waisted blue or black jeans or a denim skirt. Pair it with your favourite sneakers or sports shoes and carry a shoulder bag to complete the look. You can rock a black choker necklace if donning a black jeans or a black denim skirt.
Image courtesy: people.com, justjared.com, bestekurzehaare.com
  1. The Biker Babe Look:
Pair your white crop top with a black high waisted jeans or leather jeggings and a black leather biker jacket. You can pair it with black leather boots... Accessorize? Not too much. Just those rustic ear cuffs and of course your helmet…
Image courtesy: sport.tv
  1. Date Night Look:
Want to keep it simple and sexy? What better than your staple white crop top with a pair of flared high waisted pants, pencil heels and of course the bold lips!

Image courtesy: bestekurzehaare.com
  1. The Club Look:
Your wardrobe staple can effortlessly transition in a chic outfit when paired with a pencil skirt and a pair of heels and you are ready to turn those heads around in a club.
  Image courtesy: people.com
  1. The Boss Lady:
Show off some power dressing by teaming your white crop top with a pair of cropped trousers and a coat. If going monochrome, wear some emeralds or rubies to pop in some colour. Don a pair of good heels corresponding with the colour of your jewellery (read: emeralds or rubies)  
 Want to head out with friends after office without changing? Don’t worry, wear your white crop top beneath that coat along with a pair of sneakers. And, oh! remember to put off your coat after office!
  Image courtesy: people.com
  1. Glammed up!
Yes! You can glam up your classic white crop top by pairing it with a contrasting pencil skirt with a front slit along with a pair of boots. Accessorise your look with a statement neck piece, a glamorous head gear and a stone embedded sling purse.
 Image courtesy: one-street-styles.tumblr.com
  1. The Gym look:
Team up your white crop top with leggings and a pair of sports shoes and you are ready to hit off the gym!
Image courtesy: yogainfo.club, dailymail.co
  1. The Athleisure look:
Celebrities across the world are swearing by this versatile look. Be it at the airports or at a high-end party set up… this trend has become a rage, so much so because of its effortlessness and chicness. Want to catch up with the trend of the decade?
Team up your white crop top with your favourite sports shorts, leggings, pyjamas and you are ready to slay!  
 Image courtesy: modesens.com
Go girls! Notch up your fashion quotient…grab some crop tops in your shopping cart from Exaire now and show off those abs! 😉
PS: Always pair your crop top with a high waisted bottom...  
Written by Harpreet Khubchandani, Fashion Expert


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